TSB 5.7 WK2 / Getriebe und VTG

Diskutiere TSB 5.7 WK2 / Getriebe und VTG im JEEP Grand Cherokee WK2 Forum im Bereich Grand Cherokee; SYMPTOM/CONDITION: A small number of customers may experience any of the following: · Erratic or inconsistent initial 2-3 upshift(3-4 upshift...

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    A small number of customers may experience any of the following:

    Erratic or inconsistent initial 2-3 upshift(3-4 upshift on 2012 MY vehicles)

    Sluggish performance during low speed/rolling stop maneuvers(2012 MY vehicles


    Here is the work order text:


    Software issues/updates found for PCM and ASCM/updated as requested by the customer.

    Performed software updates on the PCM and the ASCM, installed required label, reset all trouble codes associated with procedure, old PCM software #68111691ae new #68111691af, old ASCM software #56029558ae new #56029558ai

    My WK2 was last updated with the most recent software builds for the entire vehicle back on May 6.

    You can see that Jeep has had a couple updates to the ASCM in between May 2013 and present day (August 1) as the build jumps from ae to ai.

    My work is only a couple miles from the Jeep dealer so I can't honestly report back on if the issues I had are fixed or not but I will once I get some drive time with the new software build loaded with this TSB.

    FWIW my Jeep is a 2012 WK2 Summit with the HEMI.


    Ok wow
    Ok I am out on a drive now on roads here in SoCal I drive every day.

    All I can say is run don't walk to your dealer and get this TSB done if you have a 2012 WK2 with a V8.

    If you ever had power train complaints before, this update fixes them!

    More details when I get back home and can post from my computer vs phone.

    Was so impressed I had to pull off the side of the road to update you guys.

    More feedback after I return from my cruise on PCH.

    Update #2:

    I had all of those problems and they were resolved by the TSB.

    No shudder or fishbite (my vehicle has never exhibited that behavior)

    It's like driving a different Jeep now.

    The transmission is now competent and allows that wonderful Hemi "Eagle" engine to shine.

    I drove 80 miles yesterday, traversing all the roads that previous to the TSB gave me fits due to the inconsistent and lazy shifting when slowing for lights or making turns.

    The Jeep finally knows what gear to be in and the acceleration is just as it should be. No more feeling like I am in 5th gear when I should be in 2nd. It's almost like being in sport mode, but I am not.

    Converter lockup is a lot more consistent too. The Jeep always felt great on the freeway, but on regular streets the shifting felt confused and lethargic.

    No more. When I am slowing for a light that is red that suddenly turns green and I push the gas, the vehicle actually accelerates in the proper gear and doesn't sit there loafing waiting to downshift.

    The upshifts are a lot more consistent and timed properly too.

    Whoever wrote this firmware for the shift programming over there really deserves a raise/bonus. This is definitely the way this vehicle should have been delivered.

    The TSB is a valentine from Jeep for owners of this model year. It completely resolves all the power train issues I had with the V8 and auto trans equipped in this WK2. I'm very impressed that they still support previous model years with these VERY useful software updates.

    Definltely go get this update if you haven't already. You will be amazed at the drivability differences with your Grand Cherokee after it's applied.

    It's definitely a different driving experience for me now. I am very pleased.

    You guys have got to get your WK2's (if you have a V8 and fall under the date range!) over to a dealer to get this TSB performed. I cannot put into words how much better this rig drives now. If you are under factory warranty, the work is free...I would say it's even worth it if you are out of warranty and have to pay the labor to get it done...It's night and day!!




TSB 5.7 WK2 / Getriebe und VTG

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